How to “Change” Your Gmail Address

There are two really cool tips you can use if you feel like getting ultra fancy with your Gmail inboxes.

The first is that dots don’t affect deliverability in standard Gmail addresses. That means that if you register [email protected] you will also receive all email sent to [email protected] and [email protected] [email protected] The email is delivered to your account regardless of any dots in the address.
But Gmail filters will still sniff out the differences. That means you can have your colleagues emails you at [email protected], tell your account to email you at [email protected] and have all of your social media notifications forwarded to [email protected] All of them will arrive in your account, and you can setup filters to look for the different dot patterns in the “To:” fields and separate out your messages.
Note: The dot trick won’t work in Google Apps accounts for your business, only on standard, public “” accounts
That’s kind of cool, but it’s not a very easy system to remember. The other (more useful) tip is that anything after a plus sign (+) is ignored in a Gmail address. So you could use [email protected] when you sign up for all of your social media accounts to have your notifications go to one inbox. Or [email protected] for purchases to make all of your receipts go to another inbox. Both sets of emails would arrive in your account and both are easily sort-able into separate inboxes using filters and labels.
Note: The plus trick does work in Google Apps accounts for your business!

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