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JIRA issues are the core of the JIRA applications since all the team collaboration happens around the work items and their organization.

An issue represents an action that has to be done. That action can be a task, a bug, a feature request or any type of action your organization might need to work with.

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Simple EJB timer exposed as REST resource

@Path("timers") @StatelesspublicclassTimerResource { privatestaticfinalLogger logger =Logger.getLogger(TimerResource.class.getName()); @ResourceprivateTimerService timerService; @Timeoutpublicvoidrun() {"Timer triggered at "+newDate()); } @POSTpublicStringstartTimer() { timerService.createTimer(10000, 10000, "triggers every 10 seconds");"Timer scheduled to fire every 10 seconds"); return"Timer scheduled to fire every 10 seconds"; } } Download the war file from Download


String functions in JSF EL (JSF Expression Language)

Add JSTL functions namespace in Facelets XHTML:



Example 2:
<c:iftest="${not fn:containsIgnoreCase(contact, '')}"> <p>Doesn't contain ''</p>
</c:forEach> Other functions:toUpperCase, toLowerCase: Changes the capitalization of a stringsubstring, substringBefore, substringAfter: Gets a subset of a stringtrim: Trims white space from a stringreplace: Replaces characters in a stringindexOf, startsWith, endsWith, contains, containsIgnoreCase: Checks whether a string contains another stringsplit: Splits a string into an arrayjoin: Joins a collection into a stringescapeXml: Escapes XML characters in a stringlength: Returns the number of items in a collection, or the number of characters in a stringSee also: