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How to pull and push a container image to Azure container registry

docker pull nginx

docker tag nginx
docker push

(Optional) Remove the image
docker rmi

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Simple EJB timer exposed as REST resource

@Path("timers") @StatelesspublicclassTimerResource { privatestaticfinalLogger logger =Logger.getLogger(TimerResource.class.getName()); @ResourceprivateTimerService timerService; @Timeoutpublicvoidrun() {"Timer triggered at "+newDate()); } @POSTpublicStringstartTimer() { timerService.createTimer(10000, 10000, "triggers every 10 seconds");"Timer scheduled to fire every 10 seconds"); return"Timer scheduled to fire every 10 seconds"; } } Download the war file from Download


How to fix Google Cloud: The caller does not have permission

You need to double check your current active account and make sure your current active account have that permission. Or else you need to go to your Google cloud console to assign the permission to your current active account or you need to switch your account.

$ gcloud beta functions deploy helloWorld --stage-bucket hdgem --trigger-topic hello_world
ERROR: (gcloud.beta.functions.deploy) ResponseError: status=[403], code=[Forbidden], message=[The caller does not have permission]
[email protected]:~/gcf_hello_world$ gcloud auth list
Credentialed Accounts:
 - [email protected] ACTIVE
To set the active account, run:
    $ gcloud config set account `ACCOUNT`